Friday, December 12, 2008

PLN 16

In the article Abuse argument doesn't fly It talks about this guy who killed four people and he is trying to get less time in jail by syaing he was abused as a child. I think this is stupid because even if he was abused it doesn't give im the right to kill people.

PLN 15

In the article Gray continues national climb what matters is to keep trying and to be successful. The article is about a girl who was on the boys wrestling team last year and is now ranked number 1 in the country also she has a 4.0 grade point average and she is a senior now. She moved to michigan so she can train with the olympic team. This is important to me because I want to become as successful as her sometime in my life.

PLN 14

In the article Cops seek man, van in attempted kidnapping of boy the article talks about how a man tried to kidnap a 10 year old boy. What matters in this article is trying to be safe when you are traveling from one place to another. The 10 year old was walking to school when a van pulled up and the man tried to get him into it. The boy refused to get in and the man tried to grab him, but the boy managed to get away and run to school. I think that this happens way too often and that people who try to do this are sick. I think that the boy should walk with someone or be driven to school from now on.

PLN 13

In the article 16-year-old found with knives, BB gun at Eaglecrest it talks about how a former student was mad a some one who goes to eaglecrest and he wanted to get into a fight. This is scary because he had two knives and a BB gun and he could have really hurt sombody. The student also said that he had a real gun a home. He was charged with first-degree burglary and unlawfully carrying a weapon on school grounds. This matters to me because I was just at Eaglecrest on Wednesday for a wrestling meet.

PLN 12

In the article Springs student arrested with lancet what matters is keeping children safe. This article is about how a student was arrested for poking people with a lancet in the hallways. The student wasarrested and charged with three counts of second-degree assault, three counts of reckless endangerment and one count of theft. This is important because even though he was joking around he could have really harmed somebody. Also this could happen at any school and I'm glad that the student got into trouble.

PLN 11

In the article Former Aspen police officer faces alcohol charge what matter is keeping people safe and obeying the law. The article talks about an 18-year veteran of the Aspen Police Department who showed up to work and got fired. I don't understand why the cop would just throw his life away and lose his job. He was driving drunk and using his weapon when he got arrested and the next day he was fired.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

PLN 10

In the article Cops, Coors, RTD partner to brake holiday drunk driving by The denver post I think that what matters is the saftey of people around the holidays. The article is about how a bunch of bars are offering $5 vouchers for cab rides, overnight parking lots, and free Park-and-Ride bus and light rail transportation. This matters to me because i know people who have been in car accidents with drunk drivers. This article is very important because it will make a lot of people safe and get a lot less people into trouble.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


In the article HARD AT WORK by the Nata village blog, it talks about how children have to start working at a young age so they will be working the rest of their life and they will be good at it. This matters to me because children in America can take their lives for granted. Some kids complain when they have to do chores, but in Botswana kids have to do things such as collecting water from the stand pipe to mix with sand and making mud bricks for their adobe homes.


In the article 400 arrested during Halloween weekend by the Rocky Mountain News, it talks about how people were arrested on the Halloween weekend for driving under the influence. It also say that at least four people were killed and the accidents involved alcohol. This matters to me because I like to have fun on Halloween, but I also like to stay safe. I think people should enjoy themselves, but they should try to stay safe by having a designated driver or not driving if they are drunk.


In the article, Women in ice cream shop crash had meth in blood it shows how people make poor decisions every day. The article talks about a car crash where both cars were making bad decisions. One car had two women in it who had very high levels of meth and marijuana in their systems, and the other car had an illegal immigrant in it who was going 78 mph. The car with the women in it made a horrible turn and the car going 78 mph broadsided it. Both cars launched into a baskin robins. In the end both women were killed and a three year old in the baskin robins was also killed. This matters to me because I try to make good desicions every day and try to stay safe. I will never speed and i will never do drugs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Many things matter in the Article "Denver Race for the Cure nation's largest" by the Denver Post, including, winning, raising money, and dedication. First, Winning is important because there is a trophy for having the biggest national events. Denver wanted to get the title back because we had it in 2004, 2005, and 2006 but St Louis won it last year. Next, Raising money is very important to the race for the cure. People host the race so they can earn money so they can find a cure. Finally, dedication is important. People who choose to do this race have to be dedicated. They have to raise money and be dedicated so they can finish the race. Those are the things that matter in the Article "Denver Race for the Cure nation's largest"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


In the article Ringo Starr: No more fan mail, there are many things that matter to Ringo including privacy, relaxation, and no more fan mail. First, privacy is important to him.Ringo is tired of people annoying him and he just wants to live his life. Next, relaxation matters to him. e wants to relax and take a break from answering fans. Finally, he doesn't want any more fan mail. He announced it to everyone that he doesn't want anymore fan mail because he is tired of it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Did You Know? By Karl Fisch

Did you Know?

By Karl fisch

  • the us had 1.3 million college graduates in 2006

  • many of today's college majors didn't exist ten years ago

  • we are living in exponential times

  • web surfing

  • Internet

  • blogging

  • connection

  • computers will exceed the human race

In The movie Did You Know? By Karl Fisch there are many things that matter,however, the thing that i think matter the most are what the future holds, connection, and the human race. First, the movie talks a lot about what the future holds. It talks about how in the future other countries are going to exceed us. Next, Connection. It shows how all countries are connected by showing how countries s like china and India will be speaking English more and more. Finally, the movie talks about how computers will exceed the human race. It also talks about what is in store for the human race.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Machines are using us

In the video, Machines are using us by Michael Wesch lots of things matter, including things like electronics, technology and the web. First, electronics is a big thing in this video. For example everything we do the machine learns. Next, technology matters. Everything is being taught by humans and technology is everywhere and can do almost anything. Finally, the web. The web links humans together and can mash two sites together this is important to the video because this is showing how the machines are using us.