Thursday, February 12, 2009

PLN of choice

In the article Man shoots self in Lafayette hospital cafeteria it talks about a 59 year old man who was in a hospital in Lafayette in the cafeteria and he was reaching for money to pay and he accidentally shot himself in the leg. I think this is important because I do not understand why a 59 year old man would have a gun let alone have it in a hospital. I don't understand the need for a gun why you would need a gun in a hospital.This is important to me because this hospital was part of the company that my mom works for and she had to take precautions because the company didn't want to take any chances. This mans stupidity caused a lot of havoc and worry for a lot of people.I do not think that this man should have been carrying a gun in a hospital.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PLN: Lost Generation

In the video the lost generation what matters is reversing our actions so we can change the world and live in a better place. Also, what matters is family and the environment. In the movie it says that we need to reverse how we live our lives in order to live in a safer environment. I think this is very important because many people do not know how much they are hurting the environment and If they reversed their actions then everyone would live in a better place. This video is important to me because it inspires me to change the world and it shows me how bad the world is and all of the ways that it can be changed.