Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Did You Know? By Karl Fisch

Did you Know?

By Karl fisch

  • the us had 1.3 million college graduates in 2006

  • many of today's college majors didn't exist ten years ago

  • we are living in exponential times

  • web surfing

  • Internet

  • blogging

  • connection

  • computers will exceed the human race

In The movie Did You Know? By Karl Fisch there are many things that matter,however, the thing that i think matter the most are what the future holds, connection, and the human race. First, the movie talks a lot about what the future holds. It talks about how in the future other countries are going to exceed us. Next, Connection. It shows how all countries are connected by showing how countries s like china and India will be speaking English more and more. Finally, the movie talks about how computers will exceed the human race. It also talks about what is in store for the human race.

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