Thursday, November 6, 2008


In the article, Women in ice cream shop crash had meth in blood it shows how people make poor decisions every day. The article talks about a car crash where both cars were making bad decisions. One car had two women in it who had very high levels of meth and marijuana in their systems, and the other car had an illegal immigrant in it who was going 78 mph. The car with the women in it made a horrible turn and the car going 78 mph broadsided it. Both cars launched into a baskin robins. In the end both women were killed and a three year old in the baskin robins was also killed. This matters to me because I try to make good desicions every day and try to stay safe. I will never speed and i will never do drugs.

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NateL2012 said...

I think you bring up an interesting point. i agree that we have it a lot better than kids in other countries. But i also think that there should probably be child labor laws so that little children are not forced to work. I thought you were also a great speaker!